Joker : How it haunted the actors life


joker, Whenever you heard the word obviously you will get an image of Heath Ledger (Batman : The Dark night), the character that stunned millions of movie lovers around the globe. There is a lot of negativeness in the character as well as lot of positive things that we should learn from this iconic character each and every dialogue that will make the people think about it.

Why So Serious ???

If you are good at something never do it for free !!!

Origin :

This iconic mastermind character joker was created by Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Joker was first appeared in the comic book Batman that published by DC Comics on April 25, 1940.

No Superhuman Abilities ?

Yup! he’s one of the villains with no super powers yet he is the most terrorizing villain in the DC universe. As in the comics one part of the historical backgrounds of the joker suggests that he was actually working as a lab assistant and also was trying as a stand up comedian before he turned into a beast.

Joker has some awesome abilities like he was a master in martial arts and also a contortionist.

Dark Knight – Joker ?

So many actors came forwards to play the joker character like Adrien Brody and some others, but on the Nolan wish list it was heath ledger. Also Nolan has said that the people were baffled by his choice of choosing heath to play joker character, but rest is history.

Joker Dairy ?

Heath locked himself in an hotel room for weeks to master the joker character and also he maintained one personal dairy. Ledger father kim in 2013 reveled that dairy in a documentary that his son ledger had maintained dairy for so many roles in his life.

As this psychotropic character was played by many actors, they have suffered lot of difficulties :

Some of the actors are listed below :

Heath Ledger :

In the history of DC universe no Villain character has dominated the DC heros like the joker character in the movie ‘Batman : Dark Knight’.This was the part when everyone liked the joker character more than any other villain the history of cinema.

Heath Ledger just lived in the character, he just redefined the characteristics of the joker. He had done tremendous research on the character by referring some dark comics of DC and also isolated himself in a room.

While working on this character he used to sleep 2 hours extra as well as his mind was racing towards the darkness. After portraying the character of the joker he was unable to come out of it and he used to take sleeping pills, pain killers and anti-anxiety meds.

In January 2008 he died in a car accident and he was just 28 years old.

Jared Leto “Suicide Squad’:

He was the most recent actor who played the joker character in the move Suicide Squad. Letos character was the best in the movie also for performing this role he went into a great length to get his mind like a criminal.

He also sent some interesting gifts or weird gifts to the entire cast of suicide squad like he sent rat to Margot Robbie and a dead pig to the rest of the cast.

Joaquin Phoenix, “Joker” :

Joker was a recent blockbuster and also Joaquin has received an Oscar for his best acting. For preparing his role in the joker he didn’t do so much exercise but, as the people remembered heath very much he wanted to portray this character perfectly.

He had studied a a book about the psychology of the assassins and also changed his dressing sense and reduced 50 pounds for this character.

While playing and after the film the actor faced so many difficulties not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.

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