Best break fast for weight loss

How to make easy and healthy oats for breakfast for weight loss



Best break fast for weight loss

Healthy Oats for Breakfast

What’s Oatmeal?
• Oatmeal is a very healthy diet you can have this as breakfast every day.
•  This will be helpful in improving your health,Oat's has been recognized as one of the healthiest and nutritious cereal that contains rich fiber and nutrients.
Origin of Oat’s?
•  We know that our ancestors lived a healthy life because of the food they took at their time.
•  when is the oat's first discovered?
• Oat's which we are eating now was originated from Asian wild red oat, these grains are grown like a weed in the middle of other grain crops.
•  This was originated in 2000 BC and this was the most common breakfast for thousands of years.
Storage Process?
• if you want to make your oats a quickie then soak your oats before 15 minutes, as these soaked oats will be easier and quicker to make your meal.
• Keep some fruits in the freezer as the frozen fruits gives you a delicious taste also it will be readily available whenever needed straight away.
Oat's Combinations?
• Let's make the oat's tastier and healthier by mixing various types of combinations like fresh fruits for a better tasty, all types of Berries.
• Dried fruits are the most used in the oatmeal, which contains more nutrients and proteins, Apricots, coconut, cherries, cran berries etc.
• Based on your taste you can take this healthy meal for your breakfast.
Serving Suggestions?
• Make your breakfast prettier?  then mix the oats with plenty of delicious toppings or yogurt for a creamy tasty to make your meal more exciting.
• Also, there are various combinations to top your oats while serving with frozen cherries and jelly’s.
Health Benefits?
• Oats contains rich fiber and carbohydrates and contains higher proteins and minerals and well as fat compared to other grains.
• A stress reliever as it helps in controlling the blood pressure because oats include powerful antioxidants and avenanthramides compounds that helps in reliving the stress. Addition to this, avenanthramides will control small itching problems as well.
• Good bacteria help fight small infections in the human body. Oats contain glucan that helps in controlling sugar levels and cholesterol.
• Having a meal with lower cholesterol is good for our health and reduced risk of heart diseases.
• Obesity is the most common problem around the world today. Making oats as your daily meal will help you lose weight.
• Helps in dry skin problems and good for young infants to avoid asthma related issues in future.
Nutritional Facts ?
• A decent cup(100 Grams) of Oatmeal contains 390 calories, which includes proteins 16%, Sugar 0 Percent, Carbohydrates 66 %, Fiber 10 %, Water 8% and finally fat 6 %.
• The oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates, this contains 1 % of sugar that too it came from sucrose most of the percentage is Starch(units of glucose).
• While fiber helps in slowering the digestion of the food and is also contains beta-glucans(found on plants also used as a medicine).
• Vitamins and proteins gives as multiple health benefits to our body providing iron, Vitamin B1 etc.
What Happens If you Take Oats Daily ?
• Reduces Obesity Problems.
• Reduces Skin related issues like itching and many other.
• It will lower your sugar as well as blood pressure levels.
• Reduces the cholesterol levels that will help in heart problems.
• Low risk of getting asthma in future if you feed this to infants.
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Prep Time 8 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Total Time 16 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4
Calories 390 kcal


  • 1 Cup oats
  • 1 Cup milk
  • 1/2 Cup cutted banana
  • 1 Honey
  • 4 Dates
  • 1/4 cups conflex


  • First take a bowl and some water and heat it for 30 seconds at medium flame.
  • Once the water comes to boil add the Oats in it.
  • This takes 2 minute to cook the oats and then switch off the flame
  • Add the oats into a serving bowl and add a cup of milk, 1 tbsp of honey, dates, slices of banana
  • At last add corn flakes for crunchiness and on top of it add chocs (if required) .
  • For crunchiness and tasty, you can add the healthiest fruits , frozen fruits, all the berries. Based on your taste.
  • Now healthy breakfast is ready


Step 1. Take a bowl add water and boil

Step 2. Once the water comes to boil add the Oats in it.

Step 3. This takes 2 minutes to cook the oats and then switch off the flame

Step 4. Add the oat mixture in to a serving bowl and add cup of milk or creamed milk for different tastes.

Step 5. Add 1 tbsp honey in it. For a better meal use honey and jaggery more instead of sugar as it benefits your own health.

Step 6. Add small pieces of dates as it adds sweet to the meal and also makes the meals tasty.

Step 7. Banana's are rich in fiber and generate more calories, it will be very good if you add bananas to it.

Step 8. At last add corn flakes for crunchiness and on top of it add chocs(if required). We have used corn flakes for crunchy sound but we suggest you to add frozen fruits, it will be more delicious and takes your meal to next level.

Step 9. Now your morning meal is ready to serve. based on the ingredients you add it will make your carving stop until mid day.

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  1. Swathi 9 months ago

    5 stars
    Nice recipe

  2. Rajest 9 months ago

    Good recipe

  3. Akhil Kumar Deme 9 months ago

    5 stars
    This recipe was really nice I tried in the morning breakfast it’s very tasty and yummy. Thank you so much Sneha blog’s for a providing good recipes for us.

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