Bringing the Extinct Animals Back to Life


Taking us back to 100000 years that was the time when the real spices of animals lived in especially the age of dinosaurs. However, history teaches us how cruel the world can be the climatic changes, Asteroids etc that made several creatures extinct. Every human in this world wish to see the dinosaurs back to life (not Tyrannosaurus Rex) am talking about the Diplodocus (plant Eater’s). Whatever we can’t bring back the dinosaurs, but we can bring back some of the rare and extinct animals we love to see.

Many species around the world that are genetically like the extinct species just like ancestors, scientists are using modern technology with science to find the DNA and bring back this species.

There are lot of advantages as well as dis-advantages of bringing back these animals as they should be human friendly and should be adjustable to this polluted world and the most important point here is, they should be re-introduced to the wildlife again. There will be lot of difficulties in the animal world when this muscled species comes to the wild.

Bringing back these creatures will be a great business as well, because the people around the world would spend so much money to see these extinct animals mainly the mammoth.

The list of Animals that the researchers are trying to bring back:

Caspian Tigers

The last Caspian tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris) was said to be killed in 1970’s in Hakkari Province, Turkey. Most of these tigers are found in Turkey, Northern Iran, around central Asia and western china.

Facts: Caspian tiger body length will be around 10 feet and can grow up to 500 pounds (230 Kgs). This species used to live near water sources and the favorite food was wild boar’s, deer and rarely camel


This will be a size of mini elephant, a very rare and strong cattle breed. Aurochs lived in this world for around 10,000 years, it has a large skull and strong muscular neck and shoulders.

Facts: Until the rise of human’s civilization these animals were all around Europe and the last of this animal was killed in 1627(Poland). This are the largest living land animal in Europe region


In the year 1681 in Mauritius island this flightless bird got extinct due to humans. These birds were grey in color and about 3 feet tall and around 40 pounds.

Due to hunger the humans ate these birds, they just taste like chickens and the lifespan of this birds are 17 years(females) and 21 Years (Male).

Woolly Mammoth

So, we love these animals aren’t we like Ice Age yes, the same mammoth we paid to watch. These animals were last seen 4000 years ago on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. Personally, am also a very big fan of these animal, even I want to see this animal back to wildlife. If we are lucky, we could see these animals on land soon.

Facts: Some of the cool facts are these mammoths are around 13 feet tall and weighs about 6 tons. The mammoth’s hair could reach up to 3 feet long according to some research.

These animals lived for 5 million years, there are different species in Mammoth blood line.

woolly rhinoceros

Lived for 1.8 million years and these animals were widely seen in tundra of northern Eurasia during the Pleistocene epoch and lived until the last ice age (10,000 years ago)

A very aggressive animal got extinct due to hunting or climatic changes. This is also one of the extinct animals’ researchers are trying to bring back.

The Moa

These are very large birds can grow up to 12 feet and weighed around 500 pounds. These birds were last seen 1400 years again in New Zealand and they don’t have wings.

Extinction: The main reason of these spices’ extinction is hunting; the Maori people of New Zealand hunted these animals for many years.

Pyrenean Ibex

These spices died in 20th century and mainly lived in Southern France and Northern Pyrenees. Scientists have collected the DNA of this species and tried to bring back this animal but, it died shortly after being born.

Facts: They were haunted by the humans and climatic changes; the population of these animals were around 50,000 in 1900’s and reduced to 100 in 1990.

The Quagga

Most recently this animal vanished from earth and mainly lived in South Africa. This extinct species was last shot in 1883, this looks like half zebra and half quagga.

Quagga got vanished because of extreme haunting and planned kills. Mainly settlers of the forest or the small villages used to haunt these animals.

Tasmanian Tiger

The name tiger came because of the strips on its lower back and this is the largest carnivorous animal in modern times. The last Tasmanian tiger was captured in 1933.

Modern civilization has destroyed so many animals as they couldn’t adjust to the sudden climatic changes and habitat destruction’s.

Irish Elk

An Ice age animal lived millions of years ago and the last remains were carbon dated about 7,700 years ago in Siberia.

Facts: This is one of the largest Deer ever to walk on this earth. They can grow up to 7 feet, 2.1 meters shoulders and having 12 feet antlers. This animal weighed around 700 kgs and they got extinct due to starvation.

Most of the animal species got extinct due to the climatic changes and human interventions. The recent extinct animals could not adjust to the modern polluted climate and for food haunting they got vanished from this earth.

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