About Us

So, where should i start about me and my food blog…. I’ve seen so many of my friends suffering from various food problems when eating outside and I’ve read so many articles and watched so many videos.. how this fast food and road side food affect our own health, it might look good and taste good not until it hurts your health and your loved ones.

Then i came to a conclusion to cook everything in home. At that moment i have started my own YouTube channel and started my own blog, as it will be helpful for so many people out there to cook there favorite food in their sweet home. So everything is good but the starting is very difficult process for everyone like riding a scooter. I wanted recipes that should make everyone remember there Mother and Grand Mother or even dad’s cooking food. I collected the best recipe’s, but something is missing to start!!!

Inspiration !!! is what am missing … one fine day i was talking with my grand mother then she told to believe in my self ‘ there is no secret ingredient’ you just have to love the food you cook.When you think of food it should be mouth watering in my view, so i thought of making foods that will be mouth watering only when you cook the food with love and adding the best ingredients as we have mentioned in our blog. There are different types of food around the world and we mainly mentioned the tasty and crispy foods that are mainly available in India, so that all the people around the world can taste the best recipes in India .It all started here, then i have started my own YouTube channel and my own blog.